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QSpacehulk is known to compile on lots of *nix platform : all tested Linux flavor, FreeBSD, Solaris. There seems to be problem with the XDarwin environment for MacOSX. If anyone is willing to investigate the problem and provide a patch, this would be very appreciated... Windows version is done with the Non-commercial license of QT and compiled with VC++6.

Installation on Windows : if you need to update your game to the latest version and want to continue playing a PBEM game, you need to save the file sessions.cfg, uninstall the previous version, install the new one, and put back the sessions.cfg file.
Latest release : 1.5-beta1 (January, 5th 2004)
ChangeLog for 1.5-beta1 :
Bug fixes : Problem with dicerolling, with genestealer orientation, with mail format for qmail (thanks to Unifex).
Download files on Savannah are still not working. So the sources are put on my own web space.
Binaries for Linux distributions (RPMs)
These binaries are provided by third-party person and can be a little outdated. Spacehulk is also available as a port in standard FreeBSD repository and in portage for Gentoo Linux. If a Debian developer could add it to the Debian repository (and let me know), this would be great.
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