QSpaceHulk News
February, 5th 2004 : Spaceditor 1.0-beta2 is out.
The second beta release of the editor for Spacehulk is finally out. Lots of bugs have been squashed (especially for the Windows platform). We still need some beta-testers to catch all the nasty bugs...
January, 25th 2004 : Spaceditor 1.0-beta1 is out.
The first beta release of the editor for Spacehulk is finally out. This program lets you create complete maps fo Spacehulk. We still need some beta-testers to catch all the nasty bugs...
January, 5th 2004 : Release 1.5-beta1 is out.
After many months of waiting, the new beta is finally out. This version corrects the bugs of rolling dice and genestealers with no orientation. We should finally been able to play a network or PBEM game completely !
There should still be some problem, so this version is only a beta release. Let me know if you found any bug...
Network game is still quite simple. So I advised you to use any Instant Messenger during your play to be able to communicate with the other player.
UPDATE : Windows version is now available.
September, 16th 2003 : BETA Release 1.4.99 is out.
Finally, after one month and a half of quiet playing, here comes a new BETA release.
Main new feature is the network game !
There have also been some big clean-ups.
Network game is still quite simple. So I advised you to use any Instant Messenger during your play to be able to communicate with the other player.
Be careful, this is a BETA release. I mean it. The network is not stable enough yet (in fact after 5 tries, I have never been able to finish a network game, a bug always stuck before the end...). But I have few times to work and test it currently. So I decided to release it to let you know where I am working currently.
And I would like to have some beta-testers for the network game. I have enabled lots of debug messages in this release. If you want to help me, please run spacehulk and save the standard output into a file (for example by running the command : "qspacehulk > log_spacehulk"). Send me the file by email (vinot@enst.fr) and tell me what the error was.
January, 5th 28th 2003 : Release 1.4.5 is out.
A new release for SpaceHulk has made its way through the web with few but important improvements :
- SMTP authentification has been implemented.
- A minimap has been added.
- Some more bugfixes about rules interpretation (entering the board does cost 1 AP finally).

I hope this is the last release in the 1.4.* serie. So expect a network-enabled 1.5.0 release in the next month (or two ?).
August, 8th 2003 : Release 1.4.4b is out
A new release of spacehulk mainly a bug fix release :
- Last file after end of game was not sent in PBEM game
- Add a new condition for winning about type or turn
- Fix an incorrect rule implementation : blips can't be moved in a visible square. They must be reverted first. This implies that the heuristic for unvoluntary reversion is not necessarily anymore.
- Genestealers can now attack directly from an entry zone
- Direction of genestealers can be chosen once for all during a blip reversion.
And some more... See the download page to get the file.
UPDATE :PBEM does not work properly with 1.4.4. I have released a 1.4.4b which fix it. Windows installer is not done yet.
7 July 2003 : Release 1.4.3 is out !
A new release of spacehulk with only one new feature : undo for one movement but many important bugfixe :
- number of flamer charger are correctly set.
- messages were shown twice during a replay
- some segfault
- bulkheads info were not correclty saved
- pbem with a dead conditions were incorrect.
And some more... See the download page to get the file.
17 June 2003 : Release 1.4.2 is out !
A new release of spacehulk is born with many little improvements requested on the forum :
- Main window has been rearranged.
- You can add a message during a PBEM.
- You can add a message in the mail send for the PBEM.
- you can record your actions for replay.
- Cheat protection can be disabled before the beginning of the game.
- Number of genestealers below a blips are not writtent during replay.
- Buttons are enabled/disabled depending on selected unit.
- During replay, center view is done only if the selected unit is not in the frame.
- Action not executed are no more recorded for replay.
27 May 2003 : Release 1.4.1 is out !
You can load a game directly on the command line. For PBEM, the game sends the file via SMTP. And many many bugfixes for PBEM game with non standard missions, incompatibility between Linux and Windows client... See the download page to get the file.
12 May 2003 : A whole new website for QSpaceHulk
I have re-designed the website of QSpaceHulk. Color and images are more in a Space Hulk style. Section are more usual : news, screenshots, download, etc. Informations should be easier to get. Feel free to send a message if you have some idea to improve the web site.
5 May 2003 : Release 1.4 is out !
A new Play By Email mode game has been implemented. If you want to find some players, please check the forum : http://pub47.ezboard.com/bqspacehulk
30 April 2003 : Spaceditor : first public release.
This is the editor for spacehulk program. Before trying to do anything with this editor, you have to install spacehulk.
Be careful, this is the first public release of this program an it is absolutely not feature complete. You can currently only create the map and level description. Onlythe winning conditions can't yet be edited with it. But you can anyway see how it will be :o)
30 April 2003 : Themes repository moved
I've got a new theme from Jérémie Vidal. Thanks to him. With the new dlCenter, I have remove the old page with themes archives. Everything is now integrated on the dlCenter site.
I have also removed the old BrownSimple theme from the main distribution and put it in the dlCenter. You can now get all the themes packed in one file in the download area on savannah.
23 April 2003 : Download Center
I have set a new web site for the community of qspacehulk where anyone can download, comment, rate, publish new levels for qspacehulk.
This site is still in beta version. I need to translate it in english.
The map editor is going to be release in a near futur, so this site will be very useful.
21 March 2003 : Release 1.3.1 is out !
The users of release 1.3 should update the game as soon as possible. This release fixes some major bugs such as the impossiblity to reload flamer weapon and the random seed not really random...Dead tiles are back again too.
The only new feature is a 'Save preferences' option to save graphical option such as theme, tiles size, window size...
11 March 2003 : New page with CVS stat of the project
Thanks to statcvs (http://statcvs.sf.net), we've got a new page with lots of stat on the CVS development of spacehulk.
his is absolutely unuseful and as such, I like it very much !
You can see it there : http://perso.enst.fr/~vinot/spacehulk/statcvs
20 February 2003 : Release 1.2.1 is out !
This is a bug-fix release :
- All known bugs have been fixed
- Small improvements for the smart right-click
- More sound effects
17 February 2003 : A forum for QSpaceHulk
A volunteer (odd Jobb) has created a forum for QSpacehulk. We can speak about the game, you can do some requests for features, bug fixes...
13 February 2003 : Release 1.2 is out !
Lots of little improvements for this release :
- The third and last campaign is completed.
- Sound effects have been added.
- UI improvements : movement are now board-oriented, action done by right-click now depends on context.